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Fast, Safe And Inexpensive

Threading hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries, such as Egypt and India, but is quite popular here in the West. It removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to 6 weeks.

Threading is very sanitary. Nothing but the thread touches your skin and the thread is thrown away after use.
Great for people with “trouble” brows. Threading is extremely concise in the hair that it removes. It’s sworn by people who say they can never get their eyebrows even, despite tweezing, waxing or sugaring.
No chemicals are applied on your skin. If you have certain circumstances, or are taking medicines that conflict with waxing and sugaring, you may be able to turn to threading.
It is very fast.
Temporary results can turn into permanent. Over time, frequent threading can cause the hair follicle to become damaged, and stop growing hair.

Threading Prices

Eyebrows $5
Upper Lip $4
Neck $8
Chin $4
Forehead $8
Sides $9
Full Face $20